Usability Testing Post

The Think Aloud recordings were challenging to do during the task. I found myself doing the vast majority of the recording as a review of the task I had just done. It was hard to leave the device recording throughout an entire project.

The usability forms took a while to complete. I found there were several overlapping questions. Overall, it was hard to have information for each question on the usability form. It was much easier to record in the voice recording changes that one should make.

The biggest thing I learned is that the more concise the better. The instructions weren’t a persuasive essay on why one would want to do the project. I found this to be the case on some of the usability testing done. If one is going to do the particular assignment, then there is no need to try and convince the user why the project is great.

The hardest part was deciding whether it was necessary to change certain things or if those were just my preference. For example, it isn’t crucial for one to bold “Ingredients,” but in my personal opinion I think it is aesthetically better bolded. The easiest part was just doing to the project.

I would tell someone to do the Think Aloud recording immediately after while going back through the steps.


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