Instructables Postmortem #1

I began this assignment by going to the grocery store and making the cupcakes on Sunday evening. I also photographed the assignment at this time – step by step. Monday I looked over the Instructables website and uploaded the photos I had taken to my computer. I edited the photos and chose which photos I would need to use for the assignment. Tuesday afternoon I went to the library and completed the vast majority of the instructions in under two hours. I then edited the instructions that evening and gathered the supplies for the three bags. 

I had trouble formatting the Instructables instructions the way that I wanted. The structure of the website was nice in some case, but did not allow for detailed formatting. If I had more than one picture for a given step, I could not choose where that picture would be located in the step. I also was never sure if the document was saving step by step. 

While I was baking, I photographed each step of the process. I then made sure all the photos were in order. I wrote the text for each picture as I made my instructions. 

I read over my instructions, and I had my roommate read over my instructions. I found it challenging to format the mobile design of my instructions. 

I can not think of anything I would do differently. I enjoyed the assignment. It made it easy working with something I was more familiar with. I would give the advice of photographing the assignment step-by-step before creating the instructions. This helped me remember steps and have them in order. 


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