Usability Analysis of Origami Swan/Crane Folding Instructions

Analysis over:

Document Overview

The document seeks to provide an analysis of the usability of  instructions on how to fold an origami swan for those who write or may write instructions on how to do a given task. In addition to those writing instructions, this document may also be of interest to blog readers, English majors, and others.


The very first instructions given by the site were to “fold the paper in half.” With a square piece of paper there are two possible ways to going about this. The author assumed that all would have visual access to the video. Although the video included pictures with each step, the pictures were only shown from one angle. Showing additional angles would have been helpful to the participant. The background for the folding area was plain, which made the task stand out. It would not at all be possible for an individual to fold an origami crane by merely listening to the instructions given.


The ending, which states to “fold out the swan,” leaves a huge gap in how to fold out the finished swan. There are three major folds that need to be made in order to make the swan look like the finished swan in the video, but the instructions do not describe any of the final three folds.


It was helpful that the individual giving instructions used a paper that had two different patterns on each side of the paper. This made it clear to the user when the paper was facing a different way.


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