Chicken Saddle Site, Part 1

The text of the chicken saddle website contains information on why one would need a chicken saddle, the sizing of chicken saddles, designs of chicken saddles, and how to use the chicken saddles. There are several images of the saddles towards the end of the website. There are also a few images with chickens in the saddles at the beginning of the website. The website also contains client pictures and links. There are no advertisements on the website. The author of the website includes a link to his or her email account five times on the website.

The author attempts to write in a more formal manner, but with the proper grammar lacking the website isn’t exactly formal communication. In some parts, the author writes in an informal way directly to his or her clientele.

There is one font throughout the website, but words are emphasized through font size and bolding of words. Headings of paragraphs are done in a bolded larger font with a paragraph following in a smaller font. All the information is included on the home page. There is no menu or navigation bar on the chicken saddle website. The only link that is on the site is the link to email the company to place an order. The website is entirely fixed. users can not provide feedback on the website. The only contact form is the email address link that appears numerous times on the site. There are no social media outlets on the website. The user generated content elements are posted by the creator of the website.

Three Specific Suggestions

The site fails to break down sections into different areas. The website needs a menu bar with Sizes, Prices, General Information, Designs, Customer Pictures, and How to Contact. The entirety of the information is too much to include merely on the home page of the website. Also, there is a critical point of miscommunication with the updating of information. Under “Some designs I have made” the author states that “More designs are coming all the time.” However, under “NEW DESIGNS!!!!” it states that the designs were last updated in February of 2008. Under “Order” the author states that there will be a break from sewing chicken saddles in March of 2012. However, at the top of the website the author states that, as of August 2013, a few saddle orders will now be taken. The website needs to delete the old updates when new updated information is added. The website also needs to break up the text through different fonts and lists. Instead of a jumbled paragraph on why one needs a chicken saddle, the author should list the reasons one would be interested in purchasing a chicken saddle.


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