Critique #2 Postmortem

I had a more clear understanding of what the assignment was having in done the assignment once previously. It was drastically different in varying lengths of the articles being critiqued. The necessary breakdown of the article in order to do the critique was the same in both assignments.

I began reading the article on Sunday evening and read about two pages, primarily to get a feel for what the article would be discussing. I then finished reading and annotating the entirety of the article yesterday afternoon. After I had read the article I made an outline of how the article was set up. Finally I began writing my critique yesterday evening and reread it this morning before printing.

With the detailed outline I made of the article it became evident that the many paragraphs discussed similar aspects of scientific fraud. For my detailed summary, I reviewed the outline and took note of the main overall topics of the essay. Contrary to the previous critique, my summary was not structured off of the paragraphs in the essay. My detailed summary on this assignment was a summary of the main topics with key components of the topics discussed. I chose to respond on how the quantity of work is the means of climbing the scientific ladder of success. My response was relatively weak in regards to supporting it with outside evidence. Although, it is quite clear that in the corporate world quantity of work is not nearly as important as quality of work. Whether it be art dealing, or real estate, a greater measure of success is not the number of pieces or property being sold, but the value of the pieces or property being sold.

I read my paper aloud, which surfaced a few grammatical and spelling errors. However, I did not go to the writing center.

On the next assignment, I would read the article as soon as possible. After being consumed by scientific fraud for three consecutive days, I greatly regretted not breaking the assignment up a bit more. The outline I created of the article took about two hours, but was quite helpful due to the length of the article. I would highly recommend completing an outline of such a long article before beginning the summary portion of the assignment.


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