Website Analysis/Usability Guidelines

The first website, A List Apart, offers an article on web design by Paul Robert Lloyd. This article was published September 25, 2012. Lloyd discusses the importance of the material of the web and the medium of the message while providing links and examples to what he is referring to. Lloyd centers upon the fact that websites nee new standards from the original website standards in order to be effective. The article hits on key elements, such as, optimization, altering the aesthetic, and progressive enhancement. Lloyd refers to news websites, task-oriented websites, and content websites. He provides images of each of these types of websites. The article is formatted in black font on a white background. The  images immediately follow the applicable text with appropriate spacing in-between text and image. The presentation of the article on the website is extremely clean-lined and basic, making it easy to read.

The second website, is a website design website. This website teaches users how to build a website. Treehouse provides over 1,000 videos on website design taught by expert teachers. The homepage of the website offers success stories and a list of worldwide companies that have used Treehouse. There are multiple things going on on the homepage of Treehouse. However, there is one font throughout the website and clear headlines and image that make the website easy to navigate.

The article, “The Web Aesthetic,” by Lloyd is a more informative source on website design. The key similarities are the major elements of website design that the two websites emphasize. The article is letting the reader know what needs to be taken into consideration for a successful website design, while the Treehouse website is offering videos of how to put key elements into action in making a website.


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