In-Class Interview

Banna is a junior at Baylor University from Houston, TX. She decided to attend Baylor University due to the scholarship money she received from the school. Banna is an electrical engineering major, which she decided spur of the moment when she had to pick a major. For her major, she does not do much writing. The majority of her classes are math-related, but she does write summaries on how problems were solved. Banna does the most writing for English 3300. Her writing in college has been much more technical and practical than the narrative assigned writing she did in high school. On a personal basis, Banna does not do much writing. She does write on Facebook and Twitter. The reading she does for class is primarily made up of text books; she reads five to ten hours per week. The reading Banna does for fun is news-related reading. She enjoys reading news websites. Her favorite news website is BBC because it discusses world news. Some additional things Banna enjoys doing in her spare time are eating and sleeping. A fun fact about Banna is that she is a twin. Her twin attends Baylor as well, and is a public relations major.


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