Critique #1

This assignment was similar to other assignments that have been done for classes over reading assignments. It was helpful to be required to fit the summary and response into just one page. Doing this, made the reader find the most significant points in the reading. I began the assignment on Thursday morning by reading and annotating the entirety of the article that morning. Later that day I reviewed the article and the notes I had taken over it, and typed the summary and response. Reading the article took about forty minutes, and the combined time of reviewing the article and writing the critique took about an hour. Quite often with articles, similar to the one by Elaine Lees, it is easy to think that the information presented is the ultimate way of doing something. In doing the critique, it allowed you to take a step back as the reader and sort through the information being presented. I wish I would have written a few notes on what I thought evaluating student writing consisted of prior to reading the article. This way, I would have had a little more to base my response on. One of the hardest things, I thought, was trying to form a response to Lees’ presentation on evaluating writing without knowing exactly what my thoughts on the topic were before reading the article. The advice I would give to someone going into this assignment would be to jot down a few things on what he or she thought evaluating student writing consists of. By having these things written down, he or she would then have somewhat of a basis to view Lees’ article from. The ideal situation might be to read the title and even first paragraph to be clear on what Lees was going to be discussing, and from there writing some of your own thoughts on the given topic. The article was structured extremely well, which made writing the summary one of the easiest parts of the assignment.


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